Offer Lenders a smooth renovation journey

Setle enables lenders to get insights in their (energetic) renovation costs and maximize their budgets. With an easy to use interface, everyone masters their own renovation and keep control of their budgets.

Setle is available as well for real estate agents

Want to use Setle?

Ask your real estate agent to get Setled. They can give you free access to the Setle app.

Beyond banking

Setle automates the mortgage process for renovation properties. Creating transparency in the industry and help lenders make better decisions.

Focus on sustainability

Real time insights on how to improve your energy label and save money on energy bills

Process automation for lenders

No need anymore to compare quotes from contractors, create estimations in a few clicks

Better insights in housing TCO

Keep on top of your housing budgets and analyse impact of renovations on energy consumption

Upsell grean loans

Offer specific mortgage products for energetic renovations

No IT integration needed

Setle infrastructure is made plug&play so easy set up before commercialization

24/7 monitoring renovation pricing

Our algorithms keep track on market conditions and renovation pricing

Digitize customer journey

Offer a digital solution to lenders that facilitates the mortgage process and make decisions easier

No need for IT integration

Easy integration in sales channels

Setle’s solution is easy to implement in every saleschannel with a zero need for platform integrations. The system can be set-up with white label interface in order to give lenders the personalized journey of the mortgage provider. Want to implement Setle in your platform? Setle tool is built API-first!

Platform security. We work with top notch ethical hackers.

Security is key in our platform, especially when dealing with personal data. That’s why Setle partners with ethical hackers to challenge our security level.

Online and offline channels

Personalized renovation report

Tired of waiting for quotations for renovation costs to get an overview on total project budget? Easily create your property in Setle and create your personal renovation report in a few clicks. Perfect to get insights in your budgets and benchmark contractors.

Improve energy label

Sustainability is a hot topic today. Setle will help to figure out how to improve your energy label and save a lot of money on the energy bills! Just so we can maximize the lenders budgets and increase the value of the property.

Digitize your customer care and guide your renovators

Easy to use interface that allows user to calculate renovation costs in real-time. The Setle algorithms combine real estate data with market-based renovation prices. Setle is on a mission to protect the life-quality and financials of f(uture) home owners.

Digitize your customer experience
Give lenders a world class service
Easier and faster mortgage decisions
Save administration time
Acquire new customers
Ease the renovation process

Part of the renovation revolation