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Together we challenge the status quo in renovations.

Reliable and real-time insights in your renovation budgets

Setle helps to make better decisions during the renovation process. Setle is on a mission to make renovations more transparent. From making your home more energy efficient, to maximizing your housing budget.

Setle exists for real estate agents and mortgage providers:

Want to use Setle?

Ask more info to your real estate agent. They can give you free access to your personal Setle account.

All-in-one renovation app

Setle provides all tools that you’ll need to optimize budgets and plan your renovation process successfully. Let’s renovate smarter together.

Real-time renovation costs

Setle gives real-time insights in renovation costs, considering all market conditions and off course your personal style.

Energetic renovations

How can I make my property more energy efficient? Setle shows how to get to the best energy level and highest impact.

Insights in grants and subsidies

Setle gives direct advise in grants and subsidies, considering your personal situation and renovation type.

Reliable contractor

Want to find a reliable contractor for your renovation? With Setle they are only one click away!

On top of your financials

Direct insights in your investment size and your monthly payments. Setle helps you to keep control of your budgets.

Generate a renovation report

In just a few clicks you can always create the perfect renovation report, with in-line price estimates and a detailed technical report.

Benchmark contractors

No idea which contractor guarantees the best price-quality? With Setle it’s easy to benchmark the quotations.

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Easy-to-use app that gives renovators better insights in their renovations and helps them to make better decisions, based on real-time data.

Reliable data for better insights

Setle uses data to create transparency to its users. Being connected to contractors’ software, we monitor all trends and price evolutions. This enables us to match demand and offer to create a perfect balans in the industry, for all stakeholders involved.

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Ask more info to your mortgage provider or real estate agent. They can give you free access to your personal Setle account.

Discover how our users got Setled

Karina De Jager

Thanks to Beneca Real Estate I was introduced to Setle. When I visited the house, they presented me with a renovation report from Setle, which was extremely reassuring to already know the costs involved. During the viewing it became clear that I wanted to calculate some additional works myself so I received a link to calculate my personal requirements. The application was self-explanatory, and afterwards when I asked for quotes, the prices were also in line with reality. Thanks to Setle, we were also able to act quickly to apply for our mortgage loan and did not risk losing the property since everything is sold so quickly in the current market.

Karina De Jager

Yanno & Klaartje Liebens

After a long search we found the perfect renovation house in Duras. We had already heard of Setle and could also use some help with setting our budget, as young people we have to be very conscious about this. Setle was really a huge help, not only in making the costs transparent but also in closing our mortgage loan. The bank even congratulated us with the specifications we received from Setle, as they took into account all the possible costs as well as the possible subsidies and premiums we would be entitled to. In the meantime, we have become the proud owners of our dream home and we are in the process of requesting quotes from contractors and planning the works.

Yanno & Klaartje Liebens